B - Shoe machinery

B05 - Finishing machinery

Machinery and equipment to clean and polish shoes before packing and packaging.

B05.01 - Ironing machines

Equipment for ironing through heated iron tools with special shape; one or two working position. From the simplest version to the typology with entirely electronic control.

B05.02 - Brushing machines

Machine equipped with rotating brushes of several types, suitable to remove dust, apply wax and polish the skins and leather.

B05.03 - Stamping machines

Range of machines for stamping. Cold systems with gold ribbon and electronic equipment. Hot systems for printing trademark or alphanumeric on lining, shoes, uppers, with electronic programmer.

B05.04 - Seam beating and ironing machines

Machine is particularly suitable to beat and iron the stitching and close the cut of the lining after trimming on finished shoe.

B05.05 - Sock’s cementing machines

Machine equipped with two rollers that provides convergent movement for the application of adhesive along one side of the anatomical or comfortable insole before its insertion.