Who We Are

Assomac is the National Association of Footwear, Leathergoods and Tanning Technologies' Manufacturers

Assomac is the national association which aggregates and represents Italian manufacturers of machines and technologies for each phase of management and industrial production of leather - footwear - leathergoods - fur - automotive - forniture and clothing. its role is to sustain interests of associate companies, and promote their activities globally. Assomac is part of Confindustria Association system and member of Federmacchine Association.

"If we would like for our industrial system to react to social and economical changes at a global level, we have to create a unique system which is ethical and socially sustainable".
Assembly in plenary 2017


The focus of promotional and internationalisation is the disclosure of technological expertise of associate companies, acquired through time and applied in constant relationship with requests from national and international customers. The customisation of production systems, the support, the prototyping and dedicated service are the elements that constitute the corporate culture of associate companies.

Sustainable technology for a high quality production, line check, monitoring of production and data management and communications are some of the components which guarantee to customers machinery and products in line with the most recent productive paradigms of Industry 4.0.

Assomac's primary goal is the elaboration of field's policies, able to unify and give value to the heritage of competences, professionality and history of our Country, which make "Made with Italian Technology" a guarantee of high qualitative standards and attention to instances of the manufacturing system. Assomac, through its own internal structures, performes the role of monitoring centre for markets, interpreting trends and business scenaries, supporting companies with shared strategic managerial consulting services, financial and window services with Technological Transfer Centres.

Assomac propose itself as a lever for associate companies growth, contributing at creating a moder business culture, disseminating knowledge and sectorial competences, activating supply chain synergies to act as an internationally recognised "Tecnological Corner".

Values and Strenghts

  • Eccelency, Competency and History (Traditions)
  • Vision, ideas and people behind the machines
  • 360° support and development
  • Customised projects
  • Real time and flexible service
  • Managing and control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Susteinability and security

Types of associate companies

Every company, regardless from their constitution, can be part of Assomac if they exercise activities in the field of mechanical engineering and technological solutions in the manufactoring sectors of leather - footwear - leathergoods - fur - automotive - forniture and clothing.

Particularly, included in the Assomac associate list are:

  • Traditional footwear machinery manufacturers
  • Moulds and machinery for synthetic manufacturers
  • Footwear reparations machinery manufacturers
  • Shoe lasts machinery manufacturers
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Leathergoods machinery manufacturers
  • Wet-blue tannery machinery manufacturers
  • Dyeing and drying machinery manufacturers
  • Leather finishing machinery manufacturers
  • Furry leather machinery manufacturers
  • Vegetable tanning machinery manufacturers
  • Purification and recovery plants manufacturers
  • Laboratory machinery manufacturers
  • Various tools manufacturers
  • Accessories and other materials machinery manufacturers
  • Trading companies
  • Handlying and automation solution plants manufacturers
  • Regenerated leather machinery manufacturers

How to become an Assomac associate

Become a part of a network able to provide tools and support for the managing and development of your enterprise

Assomac is internationally recognised as a technological reference point for all the partecipants in the productive chain. Assomac was founded in 1982 through the aggregation of companies producing mechanics of the leather and footwear sectors. Through time, Assomac grew, focusing its activities towards dissemination, technical support and training. Today, Assomac is constantly involved in central thematics of the production chain, such as sustainability and welfare, intercepting the market's needs and finding collaborations with the supply chain. A clear example is the Green Label, a tool for volountary certification which was born to answer specific requests of energetic and environmental performances qualification of production processes, as an helpful information for the Sustainability Report. Industry 4.0 is another very important thematic, most important element of technological innovation and international competitiveness. Assomac is aware of new generations: it annually promotes scholarships for technical schools' students in focused Italian industrial sectors with the goal of adding value to new sectorial competences.

Become an associate in order to gain better visibility and being recognised at national and international level, to access a series of fundamental services for a better development of your company:

  • Analysis, scouting and innovative technologies
  • Analysis and market studies (Research Centre by Assomac)
  • Disseminating activities
  • Synergy with ITACollective and Simac Tanning Tech Exhibition
  • Analysis of Machinery and Security legislation
  • Training
  • Business and technological workshops
  • On-line guide to focused technology
  • Publishing and media
  • Informative and support on financing calls (national and EU)
  • Internationalisation of enterprises (Technological Service Centre)
  • Cooperation and international development (NGO PISIE)
  • Environmental Certification Tool (Green Label)

Become an associate to develop your business to be trained and informedfor networkingto be competitive at national and international level

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