Code of Ethics

Facing the affirmation of the society of values of free initiative and recognised social function of free market and private property, the confederal system shares a sense of responsibility and moral integrity with the objective of keeping on contribuiting to the process of development of Italian economy, and civil growth of the Country.

In this view, Confindustria considers as a fundamental element of the system the duty of:

Confindustria is committed, and all its components through it:

to act with transparency and to respect behaviour models inspired on autonomy, integrity, ethicality and to develop consistent actions.

The whole System, from the single associate enterpreneur to the top of the confederation, should be part of and involved in the pursue of objectives respecting detiled rules, because each single behaviour not ethically correct would bring negative conseguences in the association scope and damage the image of the entire cathegory and of the System in the eyes of public opinion, the legislator and public administration. Ethicality of behaviours is not valued only based on observing detailed rules and the statute. This is based on the convintion of behaving in a better way than standard level, in each different situation. The process through with this objectives can be obtained is necessarily bidirectional. The representative system provides guidelines, tools and concrete support which make the behavioural standards reachable and the Associations commit to transpose them in their statutes and to adopt consequent behaviours.


  1. To product through values
  2. To face the enlargment of components
  3. Recognise strength in differences
  4. Integration constant promotion
  5. Lead interests towards values
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