Assomac associated companies are well aware of the difference they are able to make in terms of global challenges for sustainability; being able to provide technological solutions helpful to direct processes towards productions with a lower environmental impact and towards a better social development.

The program "Supplier of Sustainable Technologies" is meant to promote and share, within the international Fashion supply chain, thematics about the smart usage and handling of natural sources, energetical sources and the water usage, as well as safety and workers' welfare, with the objective of qualifying their manufacturing productive processes as sustainable, through a scientific approach.



The international industry of leather, leathergoods and footwear, generally of fashion, is orienting towards production models which imply production processes focused on energetic and environmental low impact.

For some time, Italian machine and accessories manufacturers are working to provide technological solutions which would focus the production process on reducing the use of energy, water and chemicals, with the objective of defining a an environmental friendly production chain, more responsible and attentive to consumption.

There are no recognised international standards for qualifying environmental and energetic performances of machineries, this is why Assomac decided to start the "Supplier of Sustainable Technologies" project in 2017, together with the international certification body RINA, to develop and promote key thematics of fashion-leather-footwear industry.

The soul of this project is the Green Label; the volountary declaration of the Italian supplier of technology in the field of leather-footwear, which certifies energetical and environmental performances with a calculation based on parameters recognised internationally, such as CFP (Carbon FootPrint) measured based on standards by LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)



Assomac chose Treedom initiative as a tool for compensating emissions, financing on planting 700 trees in Madagascar.

With this agro-forestry project, Assomac contributes to the resorption of CO2, reforestation, protection of biodiversity, fight against soil erosion and desertification, in addition to a positive improvement of local communities.

It is a small concrete action that adds up to the other initiatives started with the intention of reducing carbon footprint of its associates' production processes, generating a positive outcome for the entire Planet.