B - Shoe machinery

B09 - Shoe repairing machinery

Range of machinery and equipment generally used by cobblers to repair shoes, brush and manually replace damaged parts.

B09.01 - Arm-type sewing machines for repairers

Arm sewing machine for shoe repairers. With long arm and presser foot conveyor with rotation of 360 degree it allows to catch up in the more difficult points to sew.

B09.02 - Soles and heels attaching presses

Press that, by means of gas or liquid pressurized bearings, can support the sole or heel application.

B09.03 - Benches with activating oven and exhauster

Simple equipment with oven tunnel for cement activation, supply by fume aspirator system.

B09.04 - Finishing combined machines

Machine with a tools assembly suitable for scouring, polishing, trimming, and equipped with abrasive wheel and naumkeag head etc. Customized for shoe repair and orthopedic shoe production.

B09.05 - Shoe brushing machines for public applications

Machine equipped with brush wheels for shoe polishing and brushing. Self-operated by utilizers wearing shoes; it is designed for public areas such as hotel, malls, etc.