B - Shoe machinery

Machinery, equipment and accessories that are used in shoe process, step by step, for producing shoes in different patterns.

B01 - Pattern-making and cutting machinery

Systems, machines and equipment used in the preparation of shoe-pattern and in leather, linings and fabrics cutting.

B02 - Upper preparation and stitching machinery

Machinery, equipment and accessories for upper parts manufacture and their joining by sewing (the top of the shoe).

B03 - Shoe lasting machinery

Systems, machines and equipment for the shoe upper and insole assembly and stabilization.

B04 - Lasted shoe bottom working machinery

Systems, machines and equipment for processing the lasted shoe bottom to make up the footwear.

B05 - Finishing machinery

Machinery and equipment to clean and polish shoes before packing and packaging.

B06 - Components preparation machinery

Systems and machines for producing and manufacturing the components used in the footwear production cycle (shape, die) and the components that are part of the shoe (toe puff, stiffener, insole, heel, sole, welt, strips, small metal parts, etc.)

B07 - Synthetic machinery and moulds

Machines and plants for the production of shoe parts and soles through injection or pouring of synthetic materials into suitable moulds.

B08 - Managing handling and engineering

Handling and logistics in the factory. Suppliers of engineering in order to design and build industrial plants.

B09 - Shoe repairing machinery

Range of machinery and equipment generally used by cobblers to repair shoes, brush and manually replace damaged parts.

B10 - Equipment et accessories

Machines for laboratory tests, tools and devices as support of the machines operating in the shoe manufacturing