A - Tanning machinery

Machines, plants and equipment used for processing raw hides to finished product. The main steps are: 1) Beamhouse, preliminary operation of cleaning and preparing skin, by soaking and pre-tanning; 2) Tanning through the phases up to dermis fiber stabilization; 3) Retanning, Dyeing and Fat-Liquoring , to confer physical characteristics of softness and elasticity 4) Finishing, surface treatments according its intended purpose or the specific requirements of fashion applications.

A01 - Beamhouse machinery

Equipment dedicated to raw hides processing, from the rough stage up to half-processed product (wet blue). The flow path of tanning process is a sequence of chemical operations facilitated by mechanical actions (beam house); mainly, soaking for rehydration, liming for unhearing, deliming, bating, degreasing, pickling and tanning. The process flow path is crossed by mechanical operations for size optimization: specifically: flashing, lime splitting or damp tanned (wet blue) splitting and shaving. Finally a semi processed stable products (wet blue) is obtained; it can be stored and marketing as it is or the process can be extended to a post-tanning phases, retanning, fatliquoring and dyenig operations, to reach an semi-finished product (crust).

A02 – Drying machinery

Following the tanning steps, the skin should be dried to an optimum internal moisture content. This process must be carried out under controlled and reproducible environmental conditions for it to be insured the yields of the leather surface and the physical characteristics of the product. This can be achieved either by hanging the tanned leather for a few hours in the appropriate tunnels, or through vacuum driers, or by drying with toggling systems, or other dry methods, according to the type of product and of the finishing type of leather that must be obtained.

A03 - Finishing machinery

Establish a unique general for the finishing procedure of the product is very difficult; the steps of those operations are frequently reserved and part of the single tannery competence. However, the common elements of the finishing process are: 1) Dray milling for softening 2) Staking to make the skin flexible 3) Coating surface for final look. The last stages finishing are a combination thermal and mechanical action (heat and pressure) for the grain plating. Film Application on surface as well as polishing and grinding are performed on skins with any particular defects on grain allowing the product recovering.

A04 - Specialized machinery

Class of machines in the phases of production are dedicated to specific tasks or special leather processing

A05 - Handling and automation

Handling and logistics in the factory, automation and robotics.

A06 - Measure and management

Measurements and labeling systems and factory's management.

A07 - Accessories and Consumables

Main accessories and consumables for tannery machines

A08 - Laboratory

Laboratory machines for application test, process optimization and product quality control.

A09 - Engineering

Supplier of engineering, services suppliers, equipment and components, in order to design and build production systems and industrial plants.

A10 - Waste treatment plants, Containerized systems

Ground or transportable plants for treatment of solid, liquid and air wastes in order to reduce the concentration values ​​of the pollutants within the limits established by current legislation before discharge into the environment.

A11 - Tanning auxiliaries

Range of chemicals products such as raw material, mixing and customized formulations for direct application on tanning process.