C - Leathergoods machines

Machinery, equipment and accessories that are used in the leather goods production process which, through various stages, are utilized for the manufacture of jackets, bags, sofas, seats, belts, wallets and more.

C01 - Pattern making machinery

Systems, machines and equipment used for the modeling and prototyping preparation of small leather goods, belts, bags, etc..

C02 - Cutting and parts preparation machinery

Systems, machines and equipment used for the cutting operation and preparation of leathers, linings and textile of the single component parts for article to be produced.

C03 - Assembling and packaging machinery

Machinery, equipment and accessories for assembling components parts on leathergoods and make the final finishing.

C04 - Shaping, dyeing and finishing machinery

Systems, machines and equipment for the final shaping, coloring and finishing of leathergoods.

C05 - Equipment and accessories

Test machines for quality control laboratory , tools and utensils supporting of the machines used in the manufacture process of leather goods.