A - Tanning machinery

A07 - Accessories and Consumables

Main accessories and consumables for tannery machines

A07.01 - Pneumatic Trimmers

Pneumatic knife useful for cutting the skin excess, both rough processed leather.

A07.02 - Bandknives

Band knives for splitting machines, the geometry and the cutting specification are related to the application.

A07.03 - Helical bandknives

Helical shaving blades. The for shaving. The geometry and the cutting specification are related to the operation needs.

A07.04 - Grinding wheels

Wheel composed of abrasive material used to sharpen blades, usually installed on carts sharpening on board of the machine.

A07.05 - Spray guns and pneumatic devices

Gun for spraying; pressing the trigger the paint mixes with the compressed air flow and is released through a spray nozzle of variable shape and size. The types are variable, HVLP (high volume low pressure) and LVLP (low volume, low pressure).

A07.06 - Embossing plates

Printing plates for flat presses. Flat work surface used in the engraved plates press ironing and embossing machine to finish the leather. Eliminates the roughness of the flower polishing it, reviving color and brilliance. With special engravings you can print fake / flower and any other design.

A07.07 - Felts and belts

Felt, mats and carpets mixed needles; made in synthetic, wool, cotton etc. used in process such as: sammying, setting-out, staking, ironing and embossing.

A07.08- Polishing cylinders

Rollers and tubolar sleeves (wool cotton etc.) suitable for polishing machine.

A07.09 - Engraved cylinders

Engraved cylinders for printing with smooth or engraved surface are used in roller finishing machines for depositing the product and / or finishing pattern-color. They include cylinders for applying reverse, synchro and cylinders photo-etched design printing.

A07.10 - Abrasive papers

Abrasive papers for grinders it is used to remove small amounts of material from surfaces. It consists of a flexible support, which may be paper, cloth or other, coated with crystalline granules of abrasive material (glass or grinding). The grit size of sandpaper is indicated by a number referred to the size of the particles. The higher the number the finer the abrasive and more smooth the finishing.

A07.11 - Transfer papers

Polymeric films that allow for calendering, easy transfer of patterns, drawings, images, fantasy, colors and written on skins and leather and other materials. They allow you to decorate with precision leather goods.