A - Tanning machinery

A06 - Measure and management

Measurements and labeling systems and factory's management.

A06.01 - Surface measuring machines

Machines that provide the electronic measures of leather surface with roller conveyor feeder or linear wires conveyor.

A06.02 - Labeling Systems

Labeling devices by means of direct printing or gluing the labels

A06.03 - Dosing-Mixing systems for single machinery

Mixing and dosing systems for preparation of chemicals bland both liquid and powder for the single user. The mixture, following the desired recipe is prepared in the right quantities and dispensed through special tools to the "end-user" such as drums or finishing lines or other.

A06.04 - Foam Generators

Micro foaming generator through air injection and microdispersion. The systems are equipped with electronic device for density, volume and weight control of the product realized.

A06.05 - Economizer for spraying lines

Electronic accessory systems of the dosage control for spray booths. Able to monitor each stage of spraying, and to provide the control and optimization of the consumption of chemicals products.

A06.06 - Integrated systems for control and management

Managing Information Systems (MIS) and remote control electronic devices for the entire tanning process or for specific production departments.


Misuratrice di superficie per pelli conformi alla Direttiva Europea 2014/32/CE MID sugli strumenti di misura utilizzati per transazioni commerciali. Con certificato di organismo notificato.

A06.08 - Air treatment for spraying lines

Accessory system able to purifying, heating and stabilizing the temperature of the atomization air that is used in the spraying lines