B - Shoe machinery

B01 - Pattern-making and cutting machinery

Systems, machines and equipment used in the preparation of shoe-pattern and in leather, linings and fabrics cutting.

B01.01 - CAD Systems

2D-3D CAD design software with different levels of operation to the definition of the style lines, rapid prototyping model, series’ grading, production management, etc.. CAD systems make it faster designing and design changes. The effectiveness and advantages of the CAD system compared to traditional ones are amplified when there is integration with automated systems for the production of parts or components. This is CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing), which allow to convert design directly into instructions for the machinery.

B01.02 - Hand-operated cutters

Manually operated machine to cut, skiving, trim and operate on pattern templates, working width 250-450 mm. Possible installation on supporting column.

B01.03 - Pantographs

Mechanical device to trace and to draw a shape in a different scale, following its lines. It consists of four connected arms linked so as to form a deformable parallelogram. Used to grade fibreboard series in French, English, American size, etc..

B01.04 - Shoe last thermoforming machines

Thermo-molding machine to get last shells to draw footwear/upper patterns.

B01.05 - Leather area measuring machines

The machine running the electronic measurement of the surface of skin or cut parts.

B01.06 - Die-cutting presses

Hydraulic presses to cut leather, sole leather and other materials, by means of dies, kinds of performed tools. There are several configurations: arm-type clicking press, beam press, travelling head press, automatic die-cutting system. Feeding device either manual or automatic.

B01.07 - Numeric control dieless cutting systems

Cutting system for leather, fabrics and synthetic materials in rolls or sheets by means of oscillating knife, said vibrating blade, mounted on a movable head by means of a bridge arm. The cutting profile is determined from information transmitted by a vector data-file and projected directly onto the work plan for the optimal placement of shapes. Suction and blockage system of the material, head and multi tool system of automatic nesting complement the machine functions. Versions suitable for modeling, small and large productions..

B01.08 - Strip cutters

Machines for cutting leather strips. There are two configurations: the first a roller version equipped with circular knives, and the second one with spiral cutting.