Technological Guide Assomac 3D

27 February 2024

Our "On-line Technology Guide" evolves into a real digital showroom of the machinery and process phases of the supply chain and is transformed into the "Vitual Reality Technological Guide".

Enter the Virtual Assomac through the 3D navigation APPs.

The APPs will be active as soon as the verification phase for release is completed.


Full 3D virtual experience, through Virtual Reality (VR) navigation. a completely virtual world that you can access through the use of a headset (Meta Viewers).

You will be able to access the Assomac virtual offices and through an elevator move to the 3 levels of product presentation:

  • floor: Tannery Technologies
  • floor: Footwear Technologies
  • floor: Leather Goods Technologies




AR (Augmented Reality) application soon on the Google and IOS stores, where you can select the type of camera you are interested in and its "3D projection" in real time through the view from your camera. Digital elements are superimposed on the real world.


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