Camoga splitting machines for leather since 1948

22 December 2022 - Autore: CAMOGA SPA

The evolution of a company also involves synergies between large groups. Through shareholding policies, business combinations are often achieved: while maintaining their autonomy, each company works synergistically with another so to meet common interests, not only from an economic point of view but also, and above all, of planning and development. [By MpaStyle]

Michele Bini grew up breathing the air of this world and from an early age he was fascinated by his family’s work in the leather goods sector. Captivated by the travels that his grandfather made around the world and by the countless names of international customers of the company, after a degree in Economics and Commerce, he decided to undertake the same path until he found a new growth opportunity. That’s how he became Chief Executive Officer of Camoga, as well as Director of the Comelz splicing machines division.
Michele explains the reasons for Camoga’s entry into the Vigevanese Comelz Group and his vision of the future.
Why joining this Group?
“Camoga was taken over by Comelz, a world leader in the production of cutting machines for the footwear, leather goods and automotive industries, in 2018, which acquired 100% of the capital. Our company is specialized in the production of splitting machines for the most prestigious brands of leather goods, footwear, fashion, automotive and luxury items since 1948 and we are working all over the world thanks to a network of dealers operating internationally, from Europe to Mexico up to China, where we our own production plant is located. We could say that the partnership was a ‘natural’ step.”
What advantages has it brought to be together on the market?
“This synergy grants both companies to grow. We represent two brands and two “historic” families in the sector and this integration will allow us to better seize the opportunities of the market. Camoga, thanks to the sharing of unceasing and significant investments in R&D activities it makes as a Group, is able to develop new industrial automation technologies 4.0 thus helping entrepreneurs and leather goods workers to collect more and more data, in order to obtain more detailed information on processes, reduce waste and production times. These opportunities have made it possible over the years to become reliable partners of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.”
Did this help increase brand awareness as well?
“Camoga represents one of the historical and most established brands within the mechanical-footwear industry, carrying on a tradition of reliable and cuttingedge products. We can say that our brand is a byword of process, therefore it has an inestimable value. The most important advantage of being part of the Comelz Group today is that of being able to reach a greater number of customers in a targeted way, not in terms of direct sales, towards which we’re not so interested, but instead in being able to collaborate on wider projects, satisfying the needs of customers more efficiently.”
What are your flagship products?
“Camoga boasts a wide range of models of splitting machines, with working spans from 300 mm up to 1520 mm, to satisfy any need. Our machines reach an unparalleled precision thickness and guarantee excellent results even with other types of materials such as cork, EVA, PVC, synthetic and natural fibers. In short, they are a guarantee of quality and efficiency.”

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