Comunicati Stampa | 27 February 2023

Assomac and Sustainable Leather Foundation signed a MoU to officially launch their collaboration

On Wednesday 22nd February during Lineapelle, Milano, Assomac and Sustainable Leather Foundation (SLF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officially launch their collaboration on a number of key areas of development.


Deborah Taylor, Managing Director of SLF, commented “As we embark on the development of our Machinery & Technical Transparency Dashboard, it is important that we benefit from appropriate expertise and knowledge of this sector of the industry, and for that reason we are delighted to be able to count Assomac as a key advisor.  Assomac have been instrumental in many best practice initiatives in leather and footwear machinery and this joint work will see both organisations strengthen their collective support for our industry.


The Machinery & Technical Transparency Dashboard is the 5th Transparency Dashboard to be developed.  We created the vision and concept with the leather manufacturers dashboard, then followed the dashboards for product manufacturers and traders.  Our chemical dashboard is currently in the pilot phase and we look forward to adding the machinery and technical dashboard.


Understanding how the current metric tools, such as the Assomac Sustainability Tool (such as the Green Label) will fit across the dashboard to form equivalency will be a key feature of our work together also, along with enhancing best practice information and guidelines for industry.


We are looking forward to working more closely together!”


In the words of the Director of Assomac, Roberto Vago, “Thanks to this agreement, Assomac continues its commitment to provide technological contribution helpful to direct processes quality productions with allowed environment impact and towards social development. Assomac program “supplier of Sustainable Technologies”, especially Green Label, is meant to promote and share, within the international Fashion supply chain, issues about the smart usage and handling of energy natural resources and water usage , as well as safety and workers’ welfare, with the objective of qualifying their manufacturing productive processes as sustainable, through a scientific approach and strong commitment thanks to training, too. We are glad to find in SFL a valid support to our vision.”






Assomac aggregates and represents Italian manufacturers of machineries and technologies for fashion, automotive, shoes, leather goods and upholstery manufacturing industries.  

The main mission of Assomac is the elaboration of the sector policies in order to unify and give value to all the aspects which make "Made with Italian Technology" a guarantee of high qualitative standards, such as competences, professionalism and Italian history. Italian competence means product EXCELLENCY, processes EXPERTISE and INNOVATION capabilities. 


Sustainable Leather Foundation

The Sustainable Leather Foundation’s vision is to enable collective improvement and education globally, for more sustainable practices in leather manufacture and production. SLF is concerned with all aspects of sustainability – Environmental, Social and Governance, demonstrable through the SLF Transparency Dashboard. As a not-for-profit organisation, the Foundation will provide a transparent and inclusive approach to demonstrating sustainable good practice throughout the value chain. Coupled with this, the Foundation is committed to ensuring that consumers have a clear mechanism to see and understand the sustainable attributes of leather as a material, and the work that the industry does to ensure good practice.