Comunicati Stampa | 13 March 2023

21st UITIC International Footwear Technology Congress CALL FOR PAPERS

Milan & Vigevano, 13th March 2023.

Thanks to a prestigious partnership between Assomac and UITIC, the 21st UITIC International Footwear Congress, will take place on September 19th to 22nd in Milan and Vigevano, Italy.

The congress will be dedicated to "Moving towards Sustainability through Innovation" and all abstracts must be submitted online no later than 15th May 2023, through an easy access system which has been set up to submit presentations on:

Françoise Nicolas, Chair of the UITIC Congress Scientific Committee, declared: “During this 21st UITIC Congress we are expecting speakers from footwear companies, research centers, universities or service providers for presenting new ideas, findings or applications in the field of sustainability and innovation in the footwear business or in related industries."

Maria Vittoria Brustia, President of Assomac, declared: "September appointment will be a natural landing for UITIC, that will find its first expression and, above all, a suitable stage to promote the goal that unites us: to spread and create an open and shared system in order to support the single institutions in their growth, with a fairly competitive and collaborative tension at the same time."

Yves Morin, President of UITIC, declared: "UITIC members are delighted to join forces with such a prestigious Italian partner as ASSOMAC and we are very enthusiastic about the idea of organizing our 21st UITIC Congress in Italy, a country which is an undisputed reference in terms of innovation, technology and sustainability for the footwear industry. We couldn't have wished for a better destination than Italy for the restart of our UITIC congresses."

Sergio Dulio, Chair of the UITIC Congress Organizational Committee, declared: “In UITIC 2023 we want to expose the footwear world with all the most important technological evolutions and trends that can affect the way shoes are designed and manufactured. We have prepared a conference program that covers all the relevant topics from sustainability to digital transformation, to logistic and supply chains, with a special focus on the human capital of tomorrow.”

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