Partnership between ASSOMAC and UITIC

29 June 2022

The synergy between the two institutions at the SIMAC TANNING TECH EXHIBITION in September at Simac Tanning Tech, from 20 to 22 September 2022 at Fiera Milano Rho, and at  the 21st UITIC INTERNATIONAL FOOTWEAR TECHNOLOGY CONGRESS 2023. [Source:]



An important partnership between Assomac and UITIC that was announced today at the press meeting that took place in Milan at the Assolombarda headquarters and which involved numerous protagonists in the sector.

First phase of the synergy between the National Association of Italian Manufacturers of Technologies for Footwear, Leather Goods and Tannery – which, since 1982, has been a supplier of the best technologies to produce and boasts a presence in almost 100 countries, with 130 associated Italian companies and a concrete vocation for Export – and the International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians – UITIC, founded in 1972,  with associates from 27 countries, it deals with developing and disseminating technological knowledge for the footwear industry, in particular thanks to the organization of the World Congress - it will be the presence and participation of the two realities at the "Simac Tanning Tech" trade fair, which will be held from 20 to 22 September at Fiera Milano Rho (MI).

"If the international scenario has forced to review the very essence of the events, Simac Tanning Tech has not been found unprepared and has rethought its organizational and offer model in an increasingly strategic key, transforming itself into a networking hub with an international scope whose highlights are fundamental for the reference sector and for its protagonists" said Maria Vittoria Brustia,  President of Assomac Servizi enumerating the innovations put in place starting from the next edition. From the debut of the information platform to the rich panel of workshops and talks hosted in the pavilions of the event passing through the important partnerships – such as the one with ICE Agency which, as usual, will allow the arrival of commercial delegations from different parts of the world, and with SPS Italia, declined in the technological corner dedicated to new Industry 4.0 enabling technologies – which have favored the exponential growth of Simac Tanning Tech. And all in the name of a common denominator focused both on relationships, essential to make the fair the place to create a system, and on the collaboration between all the parties involved to accredit Simac Tanning Tech as a technology platform for the fashion sector.

"The partnership with UITIC was a natural landing place that, in the September appointment, will find its first expression and, above all, the right stage to show the goal that unites us, that is to spread and create an open and shared system in order to improve and grow everyone, with a healthy competitive and collaborative tension at the same time" concluded Maria Vittoria Brustia. But not only. Because Assomac and UITIC will also collaborate on the occasion of the "21st International Footwear Congress", the World Conference of footwear technology to be held in 2023 between Milan and Vigevano.

Yves Morin, President of UITIC International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians, illustrated the reason for the synergy between the World Congress and Simac Tanning Tech: "UITIC and its associates are pleased to join a prestigious Italian partner like ASSOMAC in view of the organization of the "21st International Footwear Congress" continuing in a tradition that leads us to always choose the best partners for the organization of our congresses (in 2013 in China with CLIA – China  Leather Industry Association-; in 2016 in India the CLE – Council for Leather Exports-, in 2018 in Portugal APPICAPS (Portuguese Footwear and Leather Goods Association). Today our Executive Committee is particularly enthusiastic about the idea of organizing the 21st edition of the Congress in Italy, a country that has an undisputed reference role in terms of innovation and technology with regard to the leather and footwear industry. We could not wish for a better destination than this to mark the restart of our UITIC congresses which, in its next edition, will give life to an extraordinary event as it will take place simultaneously at Simac Tanning Tech. And that's not all. All our efforts are directed to the organization of this 21st congress which will also coincide with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of UITIC". And he concluded "It will be exciting to meet all of us after 5 years of absence in a country that has already hosted, in recent years, our 13th Congress in Fermo (1999) and our 6th Congress in Milan (1983)".

He was echoed by Sergio Dulio, member of the Executive Committee of UITIC and part of the ITA UITIC TASK Force, who illustrated the issues that will guide the next 21st UITIC World Congress Milano Vigevano. "In UITIC 2023 we want to exhibit the world of footwear with all its most important evolutions and those technological trends that can influence the way in which shoes are designed and manufactured. We have prepared a conference programme covering all relevant topics – from sustainability to digital transformation, from logistics to supply chains – with a particular focus on the human capital of tomorrow. The program, then, will be further enriched by the contribution of selected keynote speakers and anticipated by a pre-conference calendar of moments of visits to companies and immersive experiences in innovation. It will be an unmissable opportunity to reconnect and update," he said.

Veronica Squinzi, Vice President of Assolombarda with Responsibility for Internationalization and Europe who opened the press conference, underlined how the  Lombardia Region is confirmed as the reference point of the internationalization path of the wider production system and underlined the importance of "teamwork" within the associative world, focusing on issues of extreme value for the industrial systems represented,  such as internationalization, which can lead to excellent results: "Despite the uncertainties and risks that the market is experiencing, with the challenges that the international scenario presents us, the companies of our territories have what it takes to face the current difficult context, and reposition, where necessary, on new markets - said Veronica Squinzi, - "We remind you that 12% of national exports are made in the only 4 provinces of Milan, Lodi, Monza Brianza and Pavia, which represent the reference territory of Assolombarda. This is 64 billion euros in 2021 alone. Furthermore, Mechanics, Metals and Fashion are the leading sectors of manufacturing at the national level. Supply chains that demonstrate our strength and our ability to penetrate foreign markets, with companies of The Lombardia Region as the real spearhead of our global presence".

Roberto Luongo, Director General of ICE Agency, then intervened, underlining how "ICE's relationship with Assomac is a proven relationship. For years, the Agency has been pleased to contribute to the success of Simac Tanning Tech, the most important international trade fair and the only one with machinery exhibition. Also this year we are planning communication actions and, above all, a large delegation of over 100 operators and journalists from the 19 countries considered strategic for a sector that in the first quarter of this year marked a + 8.7% compared to the same period of 2021. ICE thus contributes to ensuring that the fair becomes a highly qualified showcase of our Made in Italy technology, in a synergic perspective between public and private increasingly necessary also to be able to better organize the next World Footwear Conference in Italy, scheduled for September 2023".

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