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29 July 2022

The Portuguese Association of Shoemakers, Components, Leather Goods and Footwear (APICCAPS) and the  Portuguese Footwear Technology  Centre (CTCP) have presented an exhibition of sustainable footwear in Madrid, the result of a million dollar investment by the Portuguese Government.  @TheLuxonomist talked about it with Paulo Gonçalves, Director of Communications at Apiccaps.  [El calzado sostenible, centro de la última exposición de Apiccaps – The Luxonomist]



Paulo Gonçalves reported on an investment of 140 million euros in activities that are helping the Portuguese Footwear Association to become an international reference in the development of sustainable solutions.  These are ongoing programs that will last over the next three years, until 2025.

Among the new materials on which Portuguese companies focus as alternative and innovative solutions to the components used in the traditional production of footwear, we find sughero, apple, pineapple or citrus peel, wood, cotton and recycled plastic. It is impressive to see how industrial production wastecan give rise to new raw materials.

Even old shoes can be turned into new shoes and plastic bottles, which represent amajor concern for the environmentand, can be reused after being crushed and properly treated.

This exhibition organized by Apiccaps has already traveled to emblematic European cities such as Stockholm, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid. One of the protagonists is Luís Onofre, a reference point for Portuguese footwear, from Porto, who dresses celebrities such as Tamara Falcó or Michelle Obama.


Paese: Portugal
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