Italy is the main exhibitor of leather and tanning machinery at the APLF in the United Arab Emirates

15 March 2023

Italy, the world's leading manufacturer of tannery, footwear and leather goods machinery, with its national pavilion at the APLF International Leather Trade Fair in the United Arab Emirates, is the largest participant in the fair with 37 companies exhibiting their products, represented by the Italian Association of Leather Goods and Footwear and Tanning Technologies Producers (ASSOMAC). [ZAWYA  إيطاليا المورّد الأوروبي الأول للجلود وآلات الدباغة إلى الإمارات العربية المتحدة]



In recent years, the leather and leather products technology and machinery sector has made major investments in innovation and technology to create better products, as well as reduce the environmental impact of tanning operations. "Sustainability is SustainabITALY" is the motto that Italy promoted during the APLF 2023 World Leather Trade Fair, underlining the efforts made by the Italian sector to develop innovative solutions with a lower impact on the environment.

Solutions that provide an opportunity for industry stakeholders and stakeholders to exchange ideas and build partnerships to keep pace with transformation in the energy sector and help support the UAE's strategy to reach net zero by 2050. This is in preparation for the 28th COP Climate Change Conference to be held in Dubai next November


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