A technology that traces the product chain

26 June 2022

Inaugurated in Florence the method that combines sustainability and transparency through an innovative platform. A technology that guarantees transparency on the supply chain and products. By scanning a Qr code on the product, you access an interactive interface that allows you to navigate the supply chain in an intuitive way, but also to discover the sustainability elements of the specific collection



A method inaugurated in Florence and that comes from the alliance between the technological provider Genuine Way, accelerated by Le Village by Crédit Agricole in partnership with Lifegate and Ve-Chain (which promotes sustainable consumption from an environmental and social point of view), thanks to the use of blockchain technology, and The ID Factory, B Corp and technological platform specialized in the traceability of the fashion and luxury supply chain.

The agreement was signed during the recently annual event of "4sustainability", the assurance system and brand that measures the sustainability performance of the supply chain.

On the one hand the experience of The ID Factory in recent years has worked with clothing and footwear brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Geox; on the other hand the ability of Genuine Way to effectively communicate to the consumer the environmental and social values of productions, as well as generate transparency through blockchain technology.

The first projects for some of the biggest fashion brands are ready to be launched in the autumn and it is believed that the "technological consortium" that is going to be created can become a focal point in Italy and abroad, since the integrated solution already operates in over 22 countries.

"Sustainability in the fashion sector is not a chimera but an necessary path and to make it clear is the European Commission. – says Walfredo della Gherardesca, co-founder and CEO of Genuine Way - We therefore believe that to achieve this ambitious goal it is necessary to play as a team creating virtuous synergies with valuable and competent realities. In fact, we are proud of this alliance signed with The ID Factory which represents a concrete opportunity to certify the production chain also towards the consumer. Today, in fact, not only a product is purchased, but also the story it tells and the values it transmits".


Paese: Italy
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