UITIC, the international body representing technicians in the footwear industry, is holding its upcoming international congress in Italy

06 February 2023

The congress is being organized by Assomac, the Italian association of footwear, leather and tanning machinery and accessory manufacturers in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Italia.

The congress, the twenty-first held by UITIC, will take place from 20th to 22nd September in Milan and Vigevano. Assomac, supported by Messe Frankfurt Italia, is the organizer of the congress, which, for the past fifty years, has been a centrepiece event for the footwear industry.

In the words of the Chair of Assomac, Maria Vittoria Brustia, “The UITIC conference provides an ideal stage for highlighting our common goal of promulgating the proven Italian method of enhancing the international competitiveness of manufacturers, which is to build a shared and open-ended system that makes use of the most advanced technologies available. By bringing together representatives of the international footwear industry, the congress gives participants a valuable opportunity to pool vital information. It also creates conditions conducive to the emergence of new business opportunities, provides a space for constructive discussions, and sets the stage for interesting visits to companies and technology centres. We feel confident that Messe Frankfurt Italia’s established expertise as an organizer will enable us to realize and improve on the goals we have set."

Capable of generating synergies by working in tandem, Assomac and Messe Frankfurt Italia are natural partners for the organization of the September congress.

Donald Wich, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt Italia, declared, “We are delighted to be partnering with Assomac. The work that we are doing together enables us to make the most of our respective areas of specialization. Messe Frankfurt Italia brings its organizational skills to the staging of this prestigious international event. Further, in its capacity as organizer also of SPS Italia (a trade fair showcasing smart production solutions, automation, digital and sustainable manufacturing), Messe Frankfurt Italia can foster discussions on the enabling technologies that facilitate the realization of important efficiency and sustainability objectives in the footwear industry and elsewhere. Also contributing to the synergy is Messe Frankfurt Group, which has considerable expertise in the textile sector: its international “Texpertise Network” includes around 50 trade fairs covering the entire textile value chain, from research to yarns, from fashion to technologies.”

"Our UITIC International Footwear Congress is the oldest one in the world, we started the first edition in 1972, 50 years ago, and we are going to have our 21st congress, thanks to Assomac as our main partner and to Messe Frankfurt Italia as a supporting organisation!" declared Yves Morin, UITIC President, “Our worldwide UITIC Members are very enthusiastic about the idea of organizing our 21st “UITIC International Footwear Congress in Italy, a country which is an undisputed reference in terms of innovation and technology for the leather and footwear industries. This is why there was not much hesitation in choosing the main subject: Moving towards Sustainability through Innovation."

Sergio Dulio, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, ATOM: “This year the UITIC congress returns to Italy to discuss the highly topical themes of innovation and sustainability. The congress will be an occasion to focus on various important technological innovations that have helped footwear companies modernize and become more sustainable. It is therefore an event that is not to be missed.”

For more information: www.uitic-italy2023.com 

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