Assomac 40° Anniversary - video

13 February 2023

ASSOMAC was born 40 years ago, between 1982, the year of its foundation, and 1983, when it began to take its first steps.

We wanted to make a short video, which we define as a "connection" between those times and today, precisely to reiterate how decisive our stubborn will to know how to innovate and evolve is still.

At that time the machinery sector of the leather sector in Italy and abroad was at the peak of success. What had seemed like a weakness, i.e. the small company size, the specialization of each company, the production decentralization, had instead turned out to be an advantage in terms of flexibility and had made us more competitive with respect to international competition.

Our strengths have been and are the ability to know how to adapt to economic, technical and commercial changes. This is why the keywords that best define us are:


ASSOMAC has repeatedly argued that summarizing our expertise only in the slogan "Made in Italy" is somehow limiting: to give more concreteness to the technological content of our offers, the most suitable slogan we think is "Made With Italian Technology", i.e. not only products made in Italy, but products designed and created with the Italian experience.


You can also find the video in the section Association - Who we are

Good vision!

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