TEGO gets its quality/price ratio better

02 May 2022 - Autore: TEGO SRL

For the more challenging stitching


The Vigevano-based company expands its line of sewing machines by introducing the TE1GO BIC3, BIC4 and TE1GO R20 models. This kind of special technology is essential for the production of bags, suitcases or other specific items. In addition to operational functionality, TEGO has been focused on the material quality, while keeping the price below the market standard.



A rotating arm (360°) machine for stitching the bag “flaps” and every U-shaped details.

The BIC3 model is suitable for stitching with stitches very close to the edge (0-9 mm range); it features a double feed and a crochet with needle guard and bobbin case lifter, to optimize the work even with very heavy yarns.


Technical features

Sewing head model Adler 867, 180 mm arm depth for BIC3 and 300 mm for BIC4.

Operation height 310 mm for BIC3 and 390 mm for BIC4: this feature enables the sewing of large suitcases and bags.



A column machine (400 or 500 mm height) with horizontal axis crochet, 1 needle, triple feed, "detachable" arm designed to slide outwards and facilitate the insertion of bags with bottom.

The machine can be equipped with plates and jaws of various sizes, which allows sewing even in very tight corners, with particularly close stitches. For standard sewing, the maximum stitch distance is 9 mm.

To meet the most diverse work requirements, this model can be fitted with two different types of crochets: model Adler 069 or modified Adler 067.

Reliable, precise and robust, TE1GO R20 is a technologically advanced machine.

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