S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche, Environmentally friendly technology

20 December 2022 - Autore: S.C. COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE SRL

S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche, headquartered in Empoli (Florence province) has been operating in the tanning sector for 35 years designing, manufacturing and installing auxiliary systems and equipment for several industrial sectors, especially tanning machines and purification plants. [By MpaStyle]

he Tuscan firm, established in the mid ‘80s and boasting more than three decades of experience in the business, completed its move to Empoli’s industrial area, in a new facility of 2,500 sqm. featuring large spaces for production and handling, in addition to a practical road logistics, close to the highway. It has arranged its productions lines in order to achieve two precise goals, thus meeting the industrial world’s core priorities: environmental safeguard and occupational safety. Two objectives pursued with determination throughout all this time.
“As for the ecological issue – explained Roberto Calattini and Fabio Scardigli, owners of the company, – S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche has always offered green solutions, as it provides a well-established range of equipment for wastewater filtering and screening, for recovering by-products and for recycling liming. Our filters can be used in all sectors, and, at the same time, we can sell complete
wastewater pre-treatment or treatment plants. With regard to the safety sector, on the other hand, for years, we have been providing chemical risk protection systems conceived for the tanning industry as well as for other activities: our customers and partners have praised our steady progresses, even technology- wise, thus confirming the quality of our hard work and of the efforts poured into these projects.” S.C. Costruzioni Meccaniche deeply focuses also on the quality of its machines, all manufactured according the current Industry 4.0 standards. The quality of the equipment and machines is guaranteed to be excellent thanks to the support of the in-house technical department and of the fully-equipped mechanical workshop. In this way, the company have managed to fine-tune production processes and to achieve top-notch standards in terms of reliability, maintainability and durability, thus earning the praise of prominent Italian and international customers, many of which boast decades of work relationships: “Almost always – the owners conclude – a mutual trust has been established between the parties; this has allowed us not only to meet their needs, but also to acquire experience and competence over the years, essential in a sector like that of tanning.”


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