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23 November 2022 - Autore: MEC MAN SRL

There is great anticipation for the inauguration of the third Mec Man enterprise dedicated to Engineering, and will offer its clients solutions in engineering, design and certification of custom-made plants. [By MpaStyle]

Corporate culture is a key asset because it has a very important business impact that can also be measured in economic terms. For Marco Agostini, co-owner of Mec Man in Lugo di Vicenza, which is internationally recognized in the field of vacuum dryers, palletizers and vacuum systems, corporate growth has always been of vital importance, a focus on which to never stop investing. A concept on which the Vicenza entrepreneur has planned resources and processes, increasing productivity and consequently turnover and growth. People, technology, machinery, tools and know-how represents the elements that have enabled the company to reach its third successful goal. After the creation of Mec Man Toscana, which occurred with the acquisition of Italimpianti of Santa Croce sull’Arno specializing in the design, manufacture and assembly of overhead catenaries and conditioning furnaces, the entrepreneur gives us a preview of his new project.
Where does Mec Man Engineering project have its roots?
“There was actually a chain of events that led us to make this totally unexpected decision. Our story began in 2000 exclusively as a Service. It was never my intention to start building machinery. However, when the great economic crisis began in 2008, the tanneries turned off the taps and the first thing they scarified was machine maintenance. At that point we necessarily had to find a solution, and we decided to buy old machinery from companies I was closing, especially in the United States, and bring them home to give them a second life. From there the step to building Mec Man-branded machines was short and it became our core business. Today we are the only ones in the world building 9-meter planes-our Mec Giant 9.0 is the flagship.”
What was the next step?
“After years of sowing seeds and tireless work, companies began to trust us, and we came to install our machines in the best tanning companies in our country, causing word to spread more and more about the quality of our creations and the service provided. The Mec Giant 9.0 is a perfect example: it increases productivity by 50 percent while keeping consumption and operating costs unchanged. Over time, market demands changed and led us to develop an independent drying system that creates the possibility of low-temperature drying: the Ice Vacuum System, which has the great advantage of being modular, so it is compatible with machines of other brands and can feed two different systems with very low consumption.”
You didn’t stop there… What exactly is GreenMec?
“GreenMec is the only wet frame with 6-way openings that uses wood pellets instead of methane, which increases its efficiency and decreases its polluting effects. In addition, traditionally frames exert expansion on the skins with 2-point traction, we have achieved 6 by being able to provide more footing and more effective utilization of the entire surface. These are just some of the advantages of this innovative system that we invite you to discover. Today with Mec Man you have a single point of contact to deal with, from the construction of a complete drying department to integral technical assistance.”
You have become a benchmark for this: how important is technical and after-sales service today?
“For Mec Man it is a main component. The guys who work with us are like our own children and are treated as such. We nurture them and give them the opportunity to reach their full potential, even if it is a very long and demanding job. However, when they go to do interventions, they demonstrate a very different approach from the “usual” technicians. We have always received so many compliments because we have brought a completely different mentality and way of operating to our work than the traditional ones. Our customers are amazed every time with speed of the operations.”
How does the new Mec Man engineering department fit into all this?
“The turning point was the establishment of Mec Man Toscana. We all know that making overhead chains is technically simple. Problems arise because installations of this magnitude go into a context where safety and current regulations are constraining. It implies highly qualified technical figures, such as structural engineers and designers. Mec Man also wanted to respond to this need in order to give companies engineering answers to their projects; we will provide engineering design, construction management, safety management services, organizing and managing the operational chains and technical activities of complex projects. Today the market wants a few things: solutions, professionalism, speed and low cost. We guarantee all these today.”
Have you thought about the name yet?
“We will unveil it in October.”


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