Fratelli Alberti - New machines, new logo, and an updated website

06 June 2022 - Autore: FRATELLI ALBERTI SRL

Extended the line of 4.0 models


A key reference in our sector for the skiving, splitting, and coupling technologies for leather and other types of materials, FAV (Fratelli Alberti Varese) gets ready to face the future by planning several projects supported by its enthusiastic people, who represent a new generation of entrepreneurs. Over 75 years of history and a lot of mechanical proposals that helped developing the "leather area" all over the world; specialized human resources and the management's belief that it is necessary to focus on research and development of advanced technologies, are just a few of the company’s strengths.

Among the innovations introduced by FAV, in addition to 4.0 machines, the restyling of the logo and a boost of communication are included; and also the website that has been updated to offer the "visitor" an easy access, a consistent navigation path and a detailed overlook of the offer. Furthermore, at the Simac Tanning Tech 2021, the new FAV 4.0 models were presented.

These include the AV2 NET and the line of coupling machines, which are fully enabled and certified for interconnection in 4.0 factories. These new proposals have been built to extend the many advantages of the previous models; the ability to store the working parameters, the optimization of energy consumption and the increased speed of execution are just some of their features. Among the proposals still to be realized, there is also the implementation of 4.0 requirements on the leather splitting machine line.



Atermo system

The new Aterno system was also presented at the Simac 2021. This is a brand-new method that allows to eliminate the lubricating fluid in the thermoplastic material processing. With the Atermo system, in fact, the blade is cooled by an air flow, in order to avoid overheating and residue deposition. Both process waste and maintenance tasks are reduced; in fact, the blade remains cleaner, no disposal of the coolant fluid is longer required, and also the machine cleaning tasks are also reduced. The advantages of this innovative method also concern environmental sustainability and the finished product quality, as the use of chemicals and glue leaks are eliminated.


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