Escomar, performance and sustainability

16 December 2022 - Autore: ESCOMAR ITALIA SRL

Founded in 1973 as an enterprise specialized in the sales and overhauling of used machines, the company has always stood out for its constant commitment to R&D activities, putting at the core of its corporate philosophy key values like quality and reliability[By MpaStyle]


Currently, the core business revolves around the production of new machinery, backed by an effective maintenance service that, thanks to the collaboration with many tanneries, it allows toprovide more and more specialized technologies, tailored on the customer’s needs, able to fulfill the demands of an increasingly evolving market, especially when it comes to automation, sustainability, reliability and performances.
Freshly upgraded according to these requirements, the latest models embody the Arzignano-based firm’s almost 50 years of experience in the business as well as its ability to understand and fully meet the tanning sector’s demands.
Such demands, given the growing importance of energy saving, focus on machines that are no longer completely hydraulic but electro-hydraulic, namely managed by an inverter that regulates the energy consumption according to the work of the machine, saving up to 15 to 20% energy.
Italy and Europe are ready to understand this potential, that’s why Escomar presented the PCR-e7, successor of the PCR7, top of the range among the wet-blue sammying machines, real flagship for the company, which was the very first to launch it on the market.
Among the improvements made to this model, designed to process whole cowhides thanks to its large size, in addition to the aforementioned energy saving, other remarkable performances stand out, such that of drying – possible thanks to the three powerful independent pressure bridges controlled by the hydraulic unit, – excellent working speed, low noise emission – the lowest currently on the market, – an improved stretching system and a modern software whose simple and intuitive interface allows even a remote access to the work functions.
To invest in quality and unceasing evolution has always been a strategy and an entrepreneurial choice for Escomar, that, also thanks to its professionality and competence, has become a real reference point for both the national and international markets.

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