Bauce Tri.Ma, innovation and quality guarantee against crisis and cost increase

22 November 2022 - Autore: BAUCE TRI.MA SRL

For Bauce, the difficult year due to both the pandemic and the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia was characterized by a sharp increase in costs and the difficulty in finding essential components. However, Bauce Tri.Ma S.r.l. has remained true to its history, committed to the constant innovation and research of the highest quality in the sector, without desponding and taking advantage of this difficult historical period to relaunch the sector with its new technologies. [By MpaStyle]

The company has improved the range of wet blue through-feed presses, giving the customer the possibility of having them also in a fully electric version, thanks to the most powerful electric motors on the market that almost completely replace the hydraulic system. This innovation allows the final customer a considerable energy saving estimated between 25% and 35% compared to the hydraulic version while maintaining constant performance. A careful choice for those who want to drastically reduce the consumption of hydraulic oil and its impact on the environment by optimizing remote assistance as the electric motors can also be controlled remotely by exploiting the increasing presence of Industry 4.0 features.

RM 1974
The renovation of a historic brand has finally begun. RM 1974 has been a byword with reliability and high performance thanks to the R&D team, who controls all phases within the Bauce plant in Trissino (Vicenza), directly taking over also technical assistance and the sale of spare parts for machinery distributed by the previous owner.
Bauce has relaunched the historic traditional through-feed sammying machines, available with single or double felt, with ebonite cylinder and with hot cylinder, extending the range from the small version for goatskins to the large and robust version for large leathers and using the technologies and the highest quality materials on the market.
Among the most requested RM machines stand out the fleshing and shaving machines, because RM 1974 has always been known for these kinds of technologies, always of highest quality and synonymous with durability and reliability.

Let’s round off with Bauce 1970 flagship, the machine for which it is known throughout the world: it’s the MVC 4 S Versus, the most famous through-feed sammying machine for the tanning industry, which has been finely updated. First of all, the opening system has been further improved, with the possibility of customizing the inlet blade cylinders, which are equipped with the most powerful electric motors and feature one of the highest numbers of blades on the market.
The big news is called DR “Double Retorsa”: it means that the most demanding customer can get a Mvc4 S Versus equipped with an additional double blade cylinder at the exit of the leather, to allow a double opening effect in order to provide utmost performance both in the reversal motion and in the improvement of the grain effect, guaranteeing as always the highest drying performance of the dyed leather.
The company renews its invitation to bring your leathers to test the machinery directly in the Bauce testing room in Trissino, a few steps from Arzignano.

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