Restarting and a great desire to confirm ourselves as the protagonists

20 septembre 2021

This is what you can feel among the operators who are preparing their attendance to the next edition of “Simac Tanning Tech 2021”.
“Back to the fair” is the motto we used, not by chance, in our promotion: the sensation of returning to the Fair is not just closely linked to the commercial and business sphere, but touches deeply the sense of belonging that all producers and technology suppliers for the footwear, leather goods and tannery sectors and not only have, worldwide. “Nobody saves himself alone”.
We courageously wanted and designed this 2021 edition of “Simac Tanning Tech” in the best possible way with the aim of overcoming a complicated and difficult period, with the desire to look ahead with the stubborn desire to confirm ourselves as global players.
A trade fair that looks to the future, both in terms of themes and new tools: the increasingly central trend of Sustainability, closely linked to “Industry 4.0” technology. A winning combination that you will find in all exhibitor solutions, in a fair that will offer tools for production processes where high-level digital collaboration and environmental impact containment will be the protagonists.
I invite you to download and use the “Simac Tanning Tech2 APP which will allow you to better coordinate and manage your presence at the fair, maximising business matching opportunities with exhibitors and available information, for a totally immersive experience.
There is, though, still something that a “phsyical” fair, which is about technology, can give compared to a mere virtual one: the entire “ready-to-market” offer that can potentially be implemented in one’s own production process, present in a single space providing the visitor/buyer/customer with an immediate “glance”. These are the reasons for a renewed Simac Tanning Tech, with the ambition to arrive to an event that offers the best available international technologies,
so that visitors can find all the solutions for their own production process, where innovative management systems and technologies, together with an effective management of production flows will once again be confirmed key points of the finished product quality, in a stimulating work environment and in constant confrontation with the world of Research and Training. We are working with our partners and with the Ente Fiera Milano to guarantee the best safety conditions for visitors and to consolidate Simac Tanning Tech’s positioning and settlement in Italy as an indisputable point of reference for innovation in the international sub-sectors of the Fashion industry.
We look forward to seeing you at the fair!

Assomac| SimacTanningTech

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