GE.MA.TA acquires majority stake in COS.T.A.

02 mai 2023 - Autore: GE.MA.TA. SPA

In recent weeks GE.MA.TA (, the world's leading supplier of industrial machinery for finishing leather and involved in textiles and glass applications too, completed the acquisition of a majority stake in COS.T.A., a leading equipment manufacturer for advanced technologies in automotive leather, technical textiles, and the furniture industry ( 

The transaction aims of increase the value that the two companies already bring to the market in terms of technological expertise, innovative solutions and service and support in the sectors in which they operate, particularly the finishing and upgrading of leather and technical textiles. 

The two companies' teams worked on the transaction in an atmosphere of great harmony and understanding. The synergies of the two realities emerged in the early stages of the discussion and the new set-up will benefit GE.MA.TA. and COS.T.A. customers in innovation, sustainability, optimization of operating costs, and after-sales service. 

Within a common strategic project, the two companies will continue to operate in the market under their brands, each with its products, which differ in features and functionality and whose competitive advantages for the market are: 

- extended range of products for the finishing of leathers and technical fabrics: the customers in the sector will find all the solutions they need for their activities within a single industrial project; 

- high expertise in assisting customers in optimizing their production processes, making them more efficient, sustainable and innovative; 

- increased ability to support and service customers, who can rely on the joint team of technicians to operate and maintain the machines in production. 


GE.MA.TA.’s project with COS.T.A. finally offers the market a quick solution for any request for finishing leather, technical fabrics, flat glass, and profiles in the furniture industry. 

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