15 May 2020

The leading company in the mechanical-footwear sector Brustia Alfameccanica SRL, given the COVID emergency, has decided to create and offer some products that can give concrete support to companies and institutions for a responsible and safe recovery of work in the factories. 

Totem scan

Totem scan is an automatic remote body temperature detection system. The system remotely detects the body temperature of the individual in its range of action and communicates the possibility or not of entry to the company via voice alert and light signal.

Total Protection

Visor for facial protection from liquids / drops / sprays. It protects not only eyes but the entire face including sides. Ideal for people in contact with the public, to increase the own protection against possible contamination with other people.  Headband made in Brustia with 3D FDM printing in biodegradable material, polycarbonate screen of excellent quality, adjustable closure with hypoallergenic strap.


Professional ozonizer and uv-c sanitizer. Effectively eliminates viruses, bacteria, allergens, odors. Oz-B, with its dual technology of ozone and UV-C light, is a broad-spectrum germicide, indispensable for collective health in shared environments.


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